Here is the first set of visual remixes that I created for some of my favorite songs by Waterparks, Microwave, CHVRCHES, Knuckle Puck and The 1975. Below you can read a little bit about my design process for creating the artwork, how I first heard about the bands and what each song means to me.

This is unofficial artwork and was not used by the bands.

Waterparks - Made In America

Waterparks is a band that I started getting into earlier this year. They were introduced to me by my internet friend Johnny. I love how catchy their chorus’ are and the thought they put into their songwriting in general. They are clever and aren’t your typical pop-punk band. I felt like it was appropriate for them to be my first victim for this cover art remix project.

Microwave is another band that I stumbled upon this year thanks to a retired blogger I follow on Twitter. They remind me a lot of Manchester Orchestra. My favorite line in this song is the last lyric... "You’re really not as busy as you pretend to be.” Most of us pretend to be a lot busier than we really are. Or we just decide to be busy for the sake of saying we are busy. I’m doing my best to give myself some more margin in my life so I can stop being busy and really enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived.

CHVRCHES is such a great band. I can’t remember the first time I heard them, but my fondest memory is hearing this song play at the end of every night on the Take Action Tour in 2014. I was selling merch and creating photo/video content for Dangerkids on the tour. It was my first time on the road and I met so many amazing people because of it. So many memories, friendships, and experiences were made. This alternative single cover was creating using a photo from Unsplash and the Mac app DMesh.

Ah, Knuckle Puck—this band has some amazing songs. Transparency in partial is one of my favorite songs by them. The lyrics in this song has so much truth to them on how we spend our time in regards to social media. We often only post things that we think make us look good to others or just go ahead and post everything about our lives without a filter. The scary thing is, just like the song says, “there isn’t anything social about it.” Some of us (not all) use social media as a way to feed our ego and affirm that how we are living our life is justified.

On top of that, FOMO is something I have seen myself suffer from as well as those around me. We will always be missing out on something. Social media just made us more aware of what we are “missing out” on. As a society we need to learn to be present with each other again and use social media to catch up and share at the appropriate times. That varies depending on the person and how often they need to stay connected. But I believe that we can create deeper relationships with our loved ones and peers if we are glued less to our devices and live our lives outside of them more often than inside them.

Obviously, the internet is an amazing tool for spreading opinions and ideas. I hope that reading this causes you to think twice before posting something. Think about what/why you are posting to your feed and what value it will bring to those following you.

This was the first song that I heard by The 1975. After reading more about the band, I wasn’t surprised to learn that they had formerly performed under many different band names before landing on the name The 1975. They formed in 2002 but didn’t release their first EP as The 1975 until August 2012. It goes to show you that true talent isn’t created overnight. Great music takes time to develop and eventually flourish. They are talented and it shows when you listen to their entire self-titled album The 1975 as well as their sophomore release I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.

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