This past week I started a personal project that I dubbed Visual Remixes. The premise of this project is to create alternative single artwork for some of my favorite bands. Monday thru Friday I’ll share the artwork remixes on my website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Dribbble).

What I am hoping to achieve is to raise awareness of the existence of my brand Hear&See and continue to improve my skills as a graphic designer. An additional benefit of this project is that I’ll continue to create exceptional artwork for the bands that hire me and I’ll be known for one thing: cover art design.

On Sunday I’ll share that week’s five covers with a short explanation about what each song means to me and my thought process behind the design. Music is a powerful force in our world. The artwork behind a song is just as important as the song itself. That is, after all, what we see first unless we never look up a song on Apple Music or Spotify. I hope that I can introduce you to some incredible bands that you have never heard before and inspire you with the cover art I create.

Project Guidelines

  • Use 1-2 Photos from the Flickr Creative Commons, Unsplash or a personal photograph.

  • Modify and Manipulate using a new technique or editing style.

  • Use 1-2 typefaces and the bands logo.

  • Spend 45-60 minutes max on each cover.

  • Post a new remix every weekday.

You can see the first set in this series of remixes here.

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If you enjoyed reading this and want to talk about music, growing your fanbase or want to hire me to work on a project you can email, or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram.